NanoWrimo 2015 Update

I thought I would give you all a quick update on my nano 2015 project The Taming of jamie. I have gone from 1800 words to my current word count of 6, 806 as of today July 4th. Happy independence Day to everyone! So I am currently done with day seven of my word count. I am trying to get ahead some so that it will not be such a struggle later on in the month. This weekend coming up is Con–Gregrate 2015 in High Point, N.C. So Jamie and I will be having a lot of fun then. Last year’s con was a blast. This year should be just as much fun. I hope to find some cool stuff to bu

Anyhow I am proud of myself. I have done 3,556 words so far today. That is a lot of writing for me. I normally try to make the standard goal of 1,667 per day though. That way I can keep on track for my usual word count goal for November’s word count goal of 50,000 words for the month of November. I think I am doing good with 6, 806 words so far. I am cheering on my cabin mates as well as all of you lone wolves out there just doing nano. Keep up the good work and we should all reach our goals.

Lady Soket
“Write naked. In the dark. That way no one can see you sweat.”y and if not it is still fun to meet all of the authors and talk to them.


One thought on “NanoWrimo 2015 Update

  1. I would say “you can do it!!” but you always beat my butt at NaNo, LOL. I feel happy to be over 2k words at the moment, but I’m not doing the 50k, only 10k (unless I go over then I’ll up it). Keep trying to call you two, no answers and no call backs. Maybe soon.

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