Nano2015 for July has Started!

Well, Gentel Readers. Yes. It is that time once again. No I am not talking about dyeing my hair again. It is time for the July session of Camp Nano. You know it. You love it. I write about it during the months that I am writing in it.
This month’s erotic novel is The Taming of Jamie. I am aiming for 30,000 words for this one. It should be a lot of fun as I will be able to do a lot of really graphic things to jamie and get away with it. So far I have done 1,800 words today on July 1, 2015. As usual I will keep you all up to date on the novel’s progress. I am just going to have some fun with this one and see what hhappens. Wish me luck.

Lady Soket
“RRemember the first rule of writing-Ass in chair and write. If that don’t work naked ass in chair and write. It works for me.” Smiles.


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