D&D Session

Today was our D&D session with Jamie running his game. It was a lot of fun as I got to play my High Elf Wizard Eladia Iredell which was formerly spelled as Eladia Iradell. We are playing at 2nd level and have had some fun with Eladia hiring the whole party to be bodyguards for her. She is taking care of expenses for the group for a bit so they have lodging at her manor house in Iriandel. She flat out gave them contracts as well as supplies and weapons. So she is party leader and so far has done a good job of it this session. Of course we got into a little trouble with some bandits and captured a bad guy along the way. We turned him in to the proper authorities in the small town of Crossroads. We acquired six horses from the bandits as well as something we had to take back to Irieendal. So we are on our way to do that.

I want to thank Jamie for Dming and our group of players.

Kudos and thanks go out to Patrick,Jeremy, Justin, and Brendan. They all did a great job and I am looking forward to this coming weeken and playing more with this group. And we will see if a few others join up as well. Always room for some moreplayers.

My dice were fairly nice to me this session. Unlike the usual where they like to roll low. As in between 1-10. We also fell down some chutes and rang a gong which alerted some bad guys to our presence. We had to fall in a river and get swept along. I got hit for damage but as long as I don’t die I am all right with that. I can rest and recover and have full health back after a long rest. Stealing the bandits horses was fun as well. I really liked playing with this group and I hope they had as much fun as I did.See you all this coming weekend.

Lady Soket
“Play evil. Just hide it well.”


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