The iron keep Saga

Well I have started writing yet another book. This one will be called The iron keep Saga. According to my calculator from yesterday and today I have 14, 198 words so far. Of course I will have to edit out my headings but that should not cut my word count too much. It should be an intresting project to do. It is set in a post nuclear world and takes place after all the blasts and radiation have happened. I am working with a limited group of characters so I will see what happens to them along the way. The Iron Keep itself will have 6 levels and 2 extra dimensional ones as well. So I have a lot of rooms to write up as well as some bad guys. I plan to write up the description of the Iron Keep itself tomorrow when I get home.

Until then happy writing and a good work week to you all. I only have a few more weeks to go before I am laid off yet again. But that is not all on me. I can not get others to do their parts to help us keep our contract. I am just one of the little people and most of the people in my department want to sit in a chair and gossip and get paid for doing as little as possible. I have decided that it does not matter. Once this contract ends I will draw unemployment and enjoy my time off. I can only do what I can. Other people will just have to look out for themselves. Sorry to go on a rant about work. It is my writing that matters. Take care Gentle Readers. Another update in a few days.
lady Soket


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