I have finished my Nano for this year. I got 30,119 words so far. Jamie got over 31k so far. So he beat me but I do not mind. We still have the one in July to do and I still have a few more of Circe’s Tales to do between now and then. I do hope that everyone is doing well. Work is still as mind numbing as usual and my Game Dev. course are going ok as well. Waves to Simon. I am sure you beat us both. Keep up the good work. Let me know when the book is done I’d like to read it. I figure I still have some more tales to tell. I am hopefully going to publish this batch around fall when I get it all edited and proof read. It will take a couple of weeks no doubt. I will write more on how things are going this weekend. On another note: The one shot pathfinder game I did last weekend went well. I killed off two of my three players characters and Jamie’s minotaur was the only one to survive. And he got mind controlled by my Lamia Dara. She used a charm monster spell on him so he is charmed for 8 days. And she will most likely renew it before he gets away from her. I will have to see how it goes. TC all.

Lady Soket
“If you can’t kill the characters do the next best thing. make them suffer and bemoan their fates.”


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