Nano and Jamie

Ok this is for Simon. I got your comment on FB. Jamie is doing well. So far he is at 19,224 words so far. He is shooting for 30k just like I am. I don’t think he will have any problems getting there. How is your word count coming along Simon? I hope it is going well for you and you are having fun with your cabin mates. I got a lot of people revising their previous novels plus a handful of newbies. I miss hanging out with you and jamie. Are you still doing photography?

I am working on having jamie do some computer classes. He seems to like them so far. Work is heating up as I am working overtime all next week. Which means really good paycheck at beginning of May. I will have like 10 hours of OT on that check.

I know I will be tired but only 12 days to go on this Camp nano. I plan to get back to writing circe’s Tales come Monday afternoon. I might not get all the tales finished in 30k but I will have some of them done. Jamie’s novel is a fantasy called 2Lives to Live. It should be fun when he gets it done. I haven’t talked to many of our old Talespinners group. I wonder how all of them are doing? I suppose they will contact me when they have something to say. Hugs to Simon and Jamie and all my fellow cabin mates.

lady Soket
“of course chocolate is better for you than they wanted you to know.”


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