Pathfinder and Writing

Ok I am currently working on my Pathfinder one shot game for tomorrow. And it should go well I hope. Still at 20,989 words on my nano this year. I will have it done this coming weekend I hope.

To Hilary- Ok I mentioned the WoW stuff to Jamie. I hope you and Ben are doing well. Going back to playing Wow for a bithm? I will be working on the Pathfinder stuff for a while. Doing laundry today as well. And next week back to writing my nano stuff once more.

Jamie has gotten my speech program to work better now. So perhaps I won’t have to reboot all the time. Yay! Being in 40 minute mode might just be a thing of the past. I will keep you all updated on Circe’s Tales.

Have a good weekend all. I am off to write more. Catch you all soon.

Lady Soket
“Of course the DM is always right. After all they can always kill you off.” Evil smile


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