Nanowrimo 2015

Well once more I am doing Camp nano this year. Here’s a big shout out to Simon- As per usual you are kicking my ass in word count. Keep it up. I am doing a series of short stories for this Camp. So far I have 5942 words so far. These tales are based around the legend of Circe from Greek myths. I am changing a few things and playing around with the concept of sex, magic, and it’s aftereffects. My goal for this Camp is a modest 30,000 words. I am already well on my way there.
I have new cabin mates and look forward to interacting with them. I know that Jamie and Simon will be rooting each other on and I will be rooting them both on as well.

In other news- yes, Gentle Readers work is still boring. But I am also working up a one shot night of DMing for my PathFinder group. I have to jumpstart that project. I have a few ideas but won’t disclose them here. The group will just have to be surprised. Evil smile. “Remember-all bribes of chocolate go to the DM. No exceptions and no returns. Extra points if you make your DM laugh.”

I am greatly looking forward to the game devlopment course that I have signed up for. I will keep you informed of my progress.

Take Care all,
Lady Soket
“Life is short. Make the most of it and enjoy yourself when you can.”


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