5 Year Plaque and dinner

5 Year Plaque and Down to a size 14

Well I am feeling pretty good about myself this week in spite of the lay off which is into week 6 now. I went shopping on Wednesday and brought 3 new dresses. I thought I was still a size 16 but found out I am now into a size 14. I was very excited by this as all of you ladies and guys out there know how hard it is to lose weight. I bought 3 just above my knee dresses. One is peach, and one is black and gold with small gold chains going down the front of it, and one is a strapless black and gold leopard print with a rope belt. I was also excited by the strapless dress as it is the only garment that I have ever bought myself that requires a strapless bra to go with it.

Anyway as to why I brought the dresses. On June 5th I had my 5 year anniversary of working for Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind. So I went out dress shopping and brought the 3 dresses I mentioned. We all were invited to a luncheon held in our honor and received our 5 year plaques then. I wore my new black and gold dress with the chains down the front.

Lunch consisted of a salad, apple pie, and spaghetti and cheese with garlic bread and a fruit cup with sweet tea to drink. I ate most of it and brought my apple pie home to my husband.

So after we ate our names were called and we all got to take a picture with the two main bosses. That would be David Horton and David Hampton. The luncheon was from 11:30a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We were all done with it all by 12:33 p.m. Then a few of us hung around and talked till about 12:45 p. m. then I headed outside for my husband to pick me up. I have updated my face book page with my new picture and hope everyone likes it.

Also as a side note I am still working on my new campaign as well trying to get it up and going in several more weeks. I will keep up posting about it as it develops.

Lady Soket
“Of course I deserve all the chocolate. It’s written up in my rules somewhere.”


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