DND 3rd edition game Holloween Game at The Grinning Gamer in Greensboro, N.C. Runs from 6pm-12am.



Hello all of my Readers. I will be hosting a Halloween 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons game at The Grinning Gamer this thursday. It starts at 6pm and runs until 12am.


This event has a costume contest. It is ten dollars to join in and winners will get gift certifactes to The Grinning Gamer.


I hope that some of you will join up and have some fun playing as your character in costume. I hope that you like a fun time for this Halloween.


Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Lady Soket aka Kim your crazy Halloween DM

“Of course I ate all the chocolate. If I wait it melts in all the other player’s hands.”


Cooking up some good plotlines for the bubbling cauldron


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