Today I did the 3 mile Slim Walk by Leslie Sansong. You can find it on .So now I have done 1-0 miles in 11 days. 7 of them in the last three days. And you know what? I have decided to do 3 miles a day except for Sundays. So my goal of 140 should be able to be reached by Thanksgiving. I am not changing my eating habits. I just want to do the workouts and see if they will help me slim down a little. I want to fit into my size 10 wedding gown which I brought back in 2001. So a size 10 is my goal.


In other news: The new 2012 Fusion that we just now got has a battery problem. Jamie took it into the dealership this afternoon and they sent him to Advance Auto Parts. The dealership paid for a new battery. We weren’t out a penny which is good. He had thought it was either the battery or the alternator. So the Fusion is fixed for the time being. So that is good news.


Updates: I wrote 2 good short stories last night. I am still working on Caged! as well. I plan on writing another short story tonight as well. So my writing has been busy for the next few days. Tomorrow is Sunday and Jamie is off. We plan to go to GU Gaming Underground tomorrow for the Pathfinder Society “meet and greet” at 11 a.m. We might do a quick game if one is offered and then grocery shopping and getting ourselves ready for the week ahead.


That’s all the news and updates I have for now.


Lady Soket

“Of course I won. I always win.”


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