I have now made a commitment to get in shape by Thanksgiving. I weigh 151 lbs. right now. I want some of this weight off by Thanksgiving. To help me along I am doing the free videos from this website:walkathome.com/


I think Leslie Sansong is great. She is cheery and upbeat and that is what I need to keep me motivated to workout. I started a 2 mile walk at 6:08pm. and finished at 7:008pm. One full hour and two full miles. I am proud of myself. I did the Women’s First video that was free on the site. I did not do the floor work but I kept myself moving at a brisk pace so I hope that counts tords a good workout. I had to spend five minutes before I could type on my computer to write this up. I am going to do the same workout tomorrow as well. The also have a free Express Walk that is 1 mile so you can try it out. I will most likely alternate between those two for now. You can do this at home and it costs nothing but an hour of your time. I really need a shower now. I sweated my ass off and enjoyed it. I even found myself smiling a little near the end. And for those of you that know me you know that is rare. Check these videos out and come do the Slimmer by Thanksgiving challenge with me. We can all encourage each other to get fit and stay that way. Talk to you all soon.


Lady Soket

“Do it now. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Life is too short for second chances. Excercise will make you feel better.”


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