10:00 Bedtime Again AkA Work Sucks



Today it’s back to a 10:00 bedtime for me once more. I have to go into work tomorrow at seven thirty am. I willl be punched in and working. Sighs. I have run out my vacation days on this move so unless I get really sick I have to go in. But the cool thing is there’s only about fifteen or so weeks left in the year.


I get off work tomorrow at three pm. because Jamie goes in at four pm. I get off at three thirty on Wensday and at three twenty on Thursday. On Friday there is the company picnic which starts at 11 a.m. and lasts until 1:30 p.m. and we get paid until four p. m. that day. Then the weekend again so it’s not all bad. So going to bed a bit earlier than usual for me but I need to get back into a routine.


Now that we have moved into the new place we have some cleaning to do and this week we will steam clean the carpets. So far we have got the washer and dryer going and I have been washing clothes and drying them. Jamie has been putting new outlets into the house and scrubbing down the walls. Whoever lived here before we did were heavy smokers so the walls are getting Mean Greened to death. Luckily all of the smoke is coming up well. The kitchen is mostly done so that is progress. I have been washing dishes and putting them away. Laundry is easy. Jamie is at work right now and will be home in a few hours. We both have doctor’s appointments on Thursday which is why I am getting off ten minutes early. I have to go and get my blood sugar checked. Jamie is going to get his blood pressure pills refilled. So that is all good.


Then of course we pay the rent pay the bills get some food and we are broke again until next week. But once November rolls around we should be recovered from the move. I live about twenty minutes away from where we used to live so have to leave the house by either ten to seven or seven a.m. I will most likely leave a bit early to make sure that I get there early tomorrow. Then I will sit and flatten out fabric for about seven hours. and that is pretty much my week. Flatten down lots of fabric and listen to a book all day until my breakes at nine am. to nine fifteen then lunch from eleven thrity til twelve p.m. then last break from one thirty p.m. til one forty five p. m. And that is how my days that job usually go. Plenty of boring to go around. Which is why I am looking for another job. Can anyone blame me? I think not.


Lady Soket

“Rainbows are cool. Torture is more fun though.”


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