Facebook Woes and WordPress.com Greatness



Facebook really drives me crazy. Sometimes it will let me write a whole four line paragraph and post it. Other times it won’t post anything at all. My screen reader hates it with a purple passion which is why I can only post there like once a week if I am lucky or it actually let’s me post a one liner sometimes.


Now on to the greatness of wordpress.com/ . It allows me to post on a daily basis and the fun part is it is totally free to set up an account customize it and post anything you like. I have been a member here for a year or so now and I like it a lot. In the beginning it took me about a month’s time to learn my way around the site and how to post stuff. It is harder to do with a screen reader but after some trial and error on my part I have it down now. I would highly reccomend it to anyone who is a writer or wants to showcase their work in a fun, bold new way. You can upgrade your services and buy a domain name or even more elaborate stuff as well but you don’t have to. The free blog works just fine for me now and there is no limit to what you may write on your own blog. I have seen very large posts of three thousands or more words on here. Lots of people all over the world use wordpress.com/ and I am hoping that some of my friends will make the leap to wordpress soon now and find out what a great service it is and how easy it is to use.


I am still coming out with ideas for my Nanowrimo contest entry this November. I will most likely try my hand at something new and different this year. I am getting revved up now and will be churning out some word count this weekend. I hope to see some of my friends from Nano doing the same.


If you join wordpress they have a Daily Prompt that relates to writing that you can do everyday. Sometimes I do them if the topic intrests me enough. /smiles. I have finally gotten over six hundred hours of story related things on my digital voice recorder. Now comes the deleting of all the half files off of it and transcribing all the rest into more useable formats. I will keep you all updated on how that goes. I will update more tomorrow. Until then Gentle Readers take care of yourselves and be safe. Best Wishes.


Lady Soket

“Of course I ate all the chocolate ones. What else did you expect?”


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