The cable has finally been hooked up after four days of missed appointments. Jamie is off at work now. He was getting upset waiting all this time and so was I. But now that is settled.


I can’t wait for Nano this November. I am really looking forward to it. We have some cleaning up to do here and by Thursday at the latest we will be all moved into the new place.


Not having internet and phone sucked majorly. I am very happy to be back online. I have missed all my friends and family since I have been offline. But I am back online now. I am off this wekk for the move and do not have to go back to work till next Tuesday. I am really glad of that fact. So next wekk will be a four day work week.


Tomorrow night is DnD night in High Point. I don’t know if I will play Karalon my Changeling assassin or make up someone new. I will probably make up someone new as the assassin has retired to hangout with the new Lord of the Hunt which is Jamie’s new character. Since he has retired him I think that would be best for Karalon as well. So looks like I am off to make a new character of some kind for tomorrow night’s game.


Character creation is always fun. I just have less than24 hours to make up another one. Anyhow I will be posting more now that I am back online.


Lady Soket

“Try not to anger me. It’s very bad for your health.”


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