Work is fun…NOT




Work is so NOT fun. My HR rep is a total bitch and is now avoiding me and letting me talk to the new guy in the HR department. That is actually ok as I dislike talking to her anyhow.


The good news. We have a place to stay. The bad news I still work at WSIFB. For another year anyhow. After next wensday I have eight days off. It’s been a total clusterfuck for me to get them however. However I have them now so just have to get through the rest of this week and partway through next week. So I willl be off to help move. So that is good.


I got turned around while going to the HR office. I really miss talking to my old supervisor and being in her department. So I am going in tomorrow and will ask for like the fourteenth time to be put back in my old supervisor’s department. It most likely won’t happen because the HR rep hates me. Alll I can do is try.


Jamie’s been cleaning up some stuff around the house and packing up some other stuff. Soon we will pack up the bedroom and our clothes and vacum the floors and everything else that goes along with moving. I have some clothes to do this weekend as well.


That’s the update for now folks. More later.


Lady Soket

“I am not paranoid. They really, really hate me.”


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