Yes It finally Worked. Monster is finally my new theme



Yes. Monster is finally my new theme. I have wanted it to be for so long and now it finally is. Does a happy dance. I will have to fool around with it later on today but now I have time.


Went off to play my 3rd edition game that Jamie runs and poor Trellia my dragonborn sorcerer nearly got killed again. She has the worst luck at the way wrong times. She is now wondering if she should even be adventuring at level 2. But she made level 2 and got lots of XP so I am happy. She is kind of a klutz anyhow. Jamie has rolled a natural 20 in the last couple of weeks on her. Now normally when he does this she doesn’t die just gets knocked out. But it takes him two natural 20s to knock her out. But I had a good time anyhow even if I did get knocked out a few times. It’s to be expected at the lower levels.


On the job front. I have been out all of this week. Monday was a holiday that I do get paid for. Tomorrow is my 4 year anniversary of working for Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind. To celebrate I am not going in. I have not been in at all this week. I had vacation days for Tuesday and Wensday. I got home late Wensday night around one am. I called in at nine am this morning and it literally took me three phone calls to talk to my supervisor. I don’t think she is very happy with me. I informed her that my landlord was being an ass and that I had to spend today and tomorrow looking for a new place to stay. I asked her about using my vaction days and she replied,” I’ll have to ask Mary about them.”


That is one of the reasons I dislike working there. No one can do their job without going to someone else to verify if they can do their job. So on Monday I’ll probably get, “You didn’t schedule your vacation days in advance so we can’t give them to you.” Now the Dragon Con stuff I scheduled in like March when Bobbi was still my supervisor. I informed Vicky of this and she said, “I will check with Bobby and see you on Mondy.” Now Bobby never writes anything down. I have tried half a dozen times to take down vacation days. She gives me sick days instead. So do I have any sick days left this year? The answer is no because she puts them down wrong. So I am pretty sure I won’t get any for this week. If I do I will be very suprised indeed. So that’s what happening to me lately. I hope all of my Readers are doing well and having fun.


Lady Soket

“Chocolate and cherries rule.”


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