Jamie’s got a job. He is working for Domino’s Pizza once again. He started last night and works from 5pm–10pm or so. He works five days this week. He is off on Wed.-Thurs. I am proud of him and have been racking my brain to do something for him special. So far all I have come up with is roleplaying with him. When he starts getting a normal schedule I will most likely take him out to dinner or something. I know he will most likely be working the weekends.


With a pizza place that is almost a guarntee. So most likely I’ll be home and goofing off on the computer like now or writing up a story or two. It is odd to have the house to myself for a few hours a day. I suppose I will get used to it. I am still planning to do Nanowrimo in November. I know that most if not all of my cabin mates from July will be doing so as well. I don’t know what I will write about yet but I will figure it out. i have several months to go yet.


I am in a far better mood than I was the last time I posted. I hope that Jamie can keep this job now that he has it. I hope he is enjoying working again. I know that he got really bored waiting on me to get home to do something with. Now he will have a little bit of money to spend on himself. And I think that will be good for him. I just hope he doesn’t come to resent working again. Hopefully he will like it and keep working. He has a chance to advance fast as some people are fixing to get laide off or go back to school. I am hoping that he will get some more hours when they do. He’ll have about twenty hours this week plus any tips he gets for delivering pizzas. I am looking forward to him being home soon.


Lady Soket

“If it can be done I will do it.”


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