I see Jamie has been talking about mythology again. I like Egyptian,Greek, Roman and any thing involving elder gods or Goddesses. Since FB is being bitchy go figure I thought I would comment on my wordpress blog. You all really should get one of these. They are free and easy to use. I hope all of my Friends in Talespinners are having a ggood day. I just got off work at four pm. and thought I would drop you all a line.


As to traditional Publishing vs. E-book publishing I most likely will go with either audio books or ebooks simply because traditional publishers won’t understand my writing. Smiles.  So just a quick note to you all. I will be writing some more this week at least in blog form. Quite looking forward to Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters. Greek Myths were my first love until I found Egyptian lore. Roman stuff was mostly too watered down for my tastes personally. Will write more later. Take care all.


Lady Soket

“Of course you’re not allowed to throw his head. You are only allowed to throw your own head.”



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