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I have had a busy week this week. First week back to work this week after a fifteen week lay off. I suppose it will get better once this coming week is over. I plan to take Jamie to see the new Percy Jackson Movie Sea of Monsters this coming weekend. I am looking forward to that if not work.


I could not find my way around the plant to where I wanted to go this week. I hope it will be better this week. I did a seven hour rp with Jamie yesterday. I plan to do a shorter one tonight before bed.


We played in two Dungeons and Dragons games this week. I got to play Karalon, my changeling assissan. That was a hell of a lot of fun. I look forward to playing her the week after next as money is low this week. On Thursday we played our 3rd ed. game that Jamie runs. A few of our players were out so we had to muddle through a few fights. I was partly bored at around eight o’clock pm. We had split the party up into two groups of two each. Week after next I am going to try and stay with the entire group. Tangles our halfling wizard will be on a pilgrimage so it won’t be as hard not to just “hang around” with one of the few fun members of the party. I am playing Trellia my dragonborn sorceress in that game but I haven’t got her fully devloped as a character yet. Sheis being way too nice as a neutral evil character. I have to work on that aspect more. So no DND this week. Which is fine with me as I need the rest.


Life is going along as it will often do. I can’t wait to get some money together and start the saving account plus the bank account growing once more. Jamie is loooking for work as well. So we just have to “wait and see” on that front.


I miss my writing and plan to go back to it this week some. Even if only an hour after I get home at least that will be something. I am also planning on doing some online coursework sometime soon. It time to start doing something that can benefit me again. I still have time to get a degree. I just have to come up with the first semester’s tution first. I figure I could do community college if I have to. They don’t cost as much as universities to start with anyhow. I will start looking and decide who I want to give my money to in that regard. So that is what has been happening in my life this week. How has yours been Readers?


Lady Soket

“Being evil comes with chocolates. You know you want some.”


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