Playing the Games




Ok I have played in several editions of Dungeons and Dragons over the many years I have been playing. I have played in 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 3.5 edition and now 4th edition. I am getting really annoyed at 4th edition lately. It takes hours upon hours to make a character to even play in 4th edition. Now 1,2, and 3rd editions had their flaws don’t get me wrong here. But first, second, and third also had room for roleplaying your characters. I am beginning to feel strongly that Fourth edition has no room for roleplay at all. I have two different DMs that I play Fourth edition characters for. Now being blind is hard enough. But all the spells, powers, attacks, and all the other multiple things you have to remember and memorize is just staggering.


Now mind you my mind is as sharp as anyone else’s. But in first, second, and third editions you didn’t have this massive amount of information to have to memorize and remember. You rolled up a character and played. You devloped the character as you went along. Not everyone was perfect and unstoppable. They had to rest, eat, and go to the bathroom. Now it seems like none of that matters at all. The Dm simply says,”You take a short ten minute rest and get back your powers,spells, and other stuff.” Or if you do actually happen to rest overnight you get back all of your stuff powers and all and action point as well. Now tonight hapappens. Before our forth edition game we played in a first edition game. I could not help comparing the two games. The first edition game was very simple and fun compared to the fourth edition game that followed it. I do realize that we all had new characters in both games. Our first edition characters took about 1 hour to roll up and get going. Our Fourth edition characters took seven hours to make. I mean really. Seven hours. And then they still aren’t right. Poor Jamie was about to pull out all of his remaining hair trying to figure all of this stuff out. As for myself I was and am totally confused. We threw out our paladin and warlord we were making and went with a feral druid and a changgeling assissain. Both are totally new character for us both. But we don’t play for combat encounters. We play to roleplay our characters. We got very little if any chance to do so tonight in the fourth edition game. Frankly combat every time I go to DnD bores the hell out of me. We didn’t even roleplay introducing our characters to each others. It was literally, “My name is…” and off we went to the Fey Wilds. Shakes head. If I don’t get to do some roleplaying soon i am going to scream. I mean three hours of nothing but combat is boring. That is really my opinion on the matter. If you like combat play Fourth edition. Otherwise play editions before that. I hope things get better soon. Otherwise…who the hell knows?


I know the Fey Wilds are supposed to be crazy but perhaps not as crazy right of the bat as they were tonight. I expected us to walk around a bit first and get a feel for the land before being attacked. Boy was I ever wrong. Tune in next week when I bang my head on the table and exclaim, “Fuck it all. I am done.”


After two months of not getting fourth edition at all I am beginning to wonder if it is even worth it to play that edition. I might just play the others and be done with it. It would certainly save me the headaches. Fourth is so flat and so restrictive tthat it bleeds all the fun of roleplaying anything at all out of it. If I wanted to play hack and slash I have a PS


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