Gaming Night 3rd edition DND or Crush that Guy’s Head:Playing Grok Minotaur Ranger




Crush thaat Guy’s Head Or How to Play a Minotaur Ranger named Grok


Well tonight was game night once more. Grok ended up leading the party around and spent much of our session throwing our DM for a loop. Now Grok is a big sorrel colored minotaur. In other words he is a big red minotaur for those of you that don’t know what sorrel means. He is running around with a great bow and arrows shooting things from a distance. His secondary weapon is a greate sword. Well tonight to end one encoounter he went to a general goods shop and brought a can of paint. Meanwhile the group which was protecting the lady in distress had the bad guy trapped in the tailor’s shop. The human blocked the front door. The fire elemental had the back door covered. He was a gensai fire elemental. Once Grok got back with the bright blue paint he told the human to move and walked in. The fire elemental was moving away from the door when Grok took the lid off of the bright blue paint and threw it all over the tailor’s shop. It drenched the invisible stalker in electric blue paint as well as the paint falling through Kid’s hydra. The fire elemental once he could see the stalker rushed forward and gave him a bear hug. Grok went up and asked him what he was doing here. The stalker replied that he had come to be with Rebecca his love. Grok replied that she seemed not to want his attentions. The stalker replied that she was confused. She would come around to his way of thinking. Grok thought for a moment and then crushed the stalker’s skull with his massive hands.


Now this threw the DM for a loop and he took great care to keep the adventure going. We encountered a pack of four goblins and killed them. One got away  from us and got some buddies together and accosted us on the west road. We defeated a group of eight which took a while.


Grok is made up to be a ranger. He did well at that and then simply started killed them with his great sword as well. I think he will be fun to keep playing. And he did not die like my paladin did in another game I am in. So I think this coming Saturday’s session will be just as fun. I am looking forward to it.


Lady Soket

“Of course he’s trying to kill you. He’s the DM isn’t he?”


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