Camp Nano Done



Well as of today Camp Nano is done for me. I got to 52,336 as my final word count. Our cabin as a whole did well. I am quitting early this session as I am working on Several DND characters. One i have to have ready by Wensday night.


That game my character is going to level 21 so I have to come up with lots of extras for her. It will be fun to do. I am looking forward to working on it. Then I have to work on my back stories for my level two on Thursday night. That just started last night.


I am playing a black female dragonborn sorceror in that one and I alone survived an attack by three salamanders. All of the males died. But they all tried their damndest not to. I had to get them back to town to ressurrect their lifeless bodies. So we will see what happens when they wake up next session.


Then their is the 4th edition which is going to become 3rd edition tomorrow. Things are going to be fun in that one as well. I have got to work on Grok’s backstory as well. So lots of writing to do even without Camp Nano. I had better get to it. Take care Readers. I will update you all on my progress.


Lady Soket

“I have two great swords now. Don’t make me use them. It could get painful-for you.”


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