Today’s Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need. Finish this sentence, “My closest friend is…”.



My closest friend is my husband. He is intelligent, clever, and fun to be around. He is kind, generous to a fault, and likes animals. His imigination is vast and he uses it often in witty and amusing ways. He is a very good storyteller as well as a dreamer. He will no doubt be published long before I will.


We have immense fun together and he keeps me from going even more insane than I am currently. He is someone you can sit in total silence in a rooom with and not feel the need to clutter up the silence with endless chatter about nothing just to hear yourself talk. He is a very good cook as well as a good listener. He cares about others. He is generous with his time and will go out of his way to help others even to his own detriment sometimes. He is not perfect but he tries to be fair to everyone he meets unless they give him cause not to be. He is very open minded about politics and religion. He will state his opinions firmly. He takes a stand for what he believes in. He will not back down ffom a problem. He is a “think outside the box” person and often comes up with unique ways of solving problems.


He is cheerful and easy going. He loves a good joke and will often have many people laughing at his own jokes. He is not afraid to poke fun at himself. He does not tell all his secrets to others. He likes to keep others guessing at times.


He has an unmatched sense of wonder and fun. I call him a big kid. But truthfully he is more “world wise” than I am. He is a math wizz. I can balance a checkbook. I have vocabulary. He loves to figure hard problems out. He is far more focused on tasks at hand than I am. He really likes to stump people with his odd knowledge of different subjects. Yet he shares his knowledge freely. And those are only a few of the reasons I love him.


Lady Soket

“Love comes suddenly to us all. Dare to grab it and hold it close.”


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