TO Party Or Not to Party? Daily Prompt:Party Animals



Todays Daily Prompt:Party Animals


Do you feel energized by bing with a group of people? Or would you tather stay home with a good book?



I have a confession to make. Even as a teenager I was never invited to parties because I wasn’t “cool” enough to hang with. I did not drink or smoke or get high. I wasn’t loud or annoying. I was a bookworm. I would have rather had my head inside a good book than hang arounc with people I personally found to have the attention span of a gnat im heat. So I did not go to any parties. I was a wall flower in high school anyhow so I did not mind not being included in all the keggers on the weekends.


As I have grown up I have found that those people were trying hard to be part of the “InIn” crowd too hard. Today I would much rather have a good conversation with my husband or a good friend than settle for someone whose company I dislike in order to fit in. Barring that I will take a good book and a nice cup of tea any day over meaningless drivel of conversation with strangers.


I suppose this makes me old fashioned. So be it. I need very little to be satisfied with my life. My husband and a few close friends really make my world go around lately. And a good book or three always helps. No where else can you get entertainment for free. I think we are going off to the gaming store in a few hours anyhow. Take care Readers. I will write more soon.

Lady Soket

“Good friends are hard to find. Keep the ones you have.””


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