Technoloy Sucks




Sometimes Technology sucks a whole lot. As a blind user of the Internet and the Web sometimes it is hard as hell to get The National Library Service or any of it’s websites to even let me log into them so I can download digital books. I really get tired of even trying to do anything at all on the web sometimes. Sighs. I know the internet is here to stay but sometimes I really, really miss being able to freaking see. When I could see I guess I took it for granted somewhat. I had no idea how annoying not being able to see would be. I’d tear my hair out but it is cut short for a reason you know.


I just wish that everyone that makes these website would make them easier to use. For the Gods Sake quit having all the blind people have to enter in more than an email address in order to access the damned things. It is hard enough for some of us to get online let along deal with email addresses and passwords to sixteen bizillion sites. I wish the government would take an hand in making this all more accessible. But let’s face it. The President isn’t blind. Or you can damn well bet he would freaking do something about this matter. I’d like him to try to navigate his smart phone without being able to see the screen. It’s not as easy as I bet he believes it is. I wish there was a full day where everyone around the world had to put on a blindfold and do things without taking it off the full day. Maybe then they would understand where I am coming from. But probably not. The sighted community is not blind friendly. Look at ATMs. There is a rulle that is in place since 2011 that says all banks have to make ATMS. accessible to everyone. It hasn’t happened yet. My husband still has to withdraw money for me because the atms are not blind accessible. When is all the crap going to stop and become accessible to everyone? Isn’t it about time that we level the playing field for everyone blind and sighted alike? I mean really we are into the two thousands here. Sighs. Anyhow rant over. I just wanted to let that out. I won’t even start in on public transportation. I will leave that till next week. Later all. Take care.


Lady Soket

“They say that seeing is believing. In my case it’s tone of voice and inflection.”


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