Gaming Underground break-in



Well I just found out we won’t be going to Our Sunday night DND game. Gaming Underground in High Point N.C. has been burgled. They took an X-box 360,a Playstation 3, and a lot of Magic the Gathering cards. Singles I am told.


I am so sorry this happened guys. I hope you are able to recover the things that were taken. Do let us know when you will be reopening. I wish you well in recovering your stuff. Let us know if you have any progress getting stuff back. Hang in there we are pulling for you.


Lady Soket



2 thoughts on “Gaming Underground break-in

    • Yes, I hope they do. And I hope that they do up a lawsuit on whoever did it as well. I am suprised that they didn’t clean out the DND and Warhammer stuff as well. I just hope they catch however did it.

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