Unemployment woes 2






Well I just got off the phone with unemployment again. Now they are telling me that the employer has until July 26th to send in my “Lack of Work” paperwork. GRRRRR. So I called work and talked to my HR rep again. She told me that they come in in batches and that 10 came in on Wensday and were sent back out on Thursday. Why do I feel like I am getting royally fucked over here?


I know why. I have talked to several other laid off workers that were laid off the same time I was. They are back to work and have been now for three weeks. Now my HR rep says,”We don’t have enough work to bring you back. The M1 bags haven’t come in yet. RABU is going well but we don’t have enough work there to put you back there.”


This basically boils down to “Everyone is back but you.” I had to ask for a freaking loan again. This is the last one I will be able to get from them. But I can’t get it until next Wensday after 2pm. Sighs. Luckily we have enough food in the house to last until Wensday. After that it could be bad.



But even worse than all of this crap we have to cut Jamie’s DnD game that we just started last Saturday off this week. We are planning on going to the Sunday game that we both play in but it really sucks that we have to not show up for our own game because of all this unemployement crap.


So unemployment says that I will get “backpay” whenever the employer confirms that I was laid off due to lack of work. Which does not do us a damned bit of good right now. Shakes head. I freaking hate living here. I will be so glad to move out of this stupid state. So backpay coming eventually. Which translates to whenever they get the form from WSIFB who are dragging their feet as fucking usual. So fun.


On the other hand I have finished my Camp Nano session as of July 18th. I got 50,231 words. So all I have to do is validate nesxt week. I will probably write more next week. But even if I don’t I have made my goal and am satisfied with that progress.


Lady Soket

“Lemons suck. I prefer cherries instead. Where the hell is my chocolate?”


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