Daily Prompt Earworm This Daily Prompt has been done

Daily Prompt Earworm


This Daily Prompt has been done before now. You write what you would normally write adding in a movie quote,song lyric, or anything else that’s stuck in your brain this week.



So lately I have been doing some DND tabletop gaming and really enjoying it immensely. It is nice to get back to it after an extended absence in my case over a decade here. Smiles. In spite of all that “All Nightmare Long” from Metallica has been running through my mind this week as unemployment has been a total pain in the ass to deal with. I finally got paid for two weeks ago now yesterday. So now I have to file my own claims via telephone or Internet and it is a real pain. The damned call in line keeps telling me that my employer has filed for me this week and I will not be able to file for myself. I am gettting pretty pissed off about the whole thing and it’s making me want to rip someone’s face off. I spent yesterday on the freaking phone for forty minutes on hold and no one picked up the line as I waited for someone to do so I can freaking find out what I need to do next about the damned unemployment. Sighs.



So I guess you could say I am “running around like a chicken with my head cut off” trying to sort all of this crap out. Thanks to the new governor of NC who has made a new law where your employer can’t file for you after June 29th 2013. So I am stuck doing it all myself and did not get informed of this fact until last week. Thank you sooo much WSIFB. Or as I currently call it “Hellworld.”


Now my contact there has not called me back yet today. So I am going to wait until one pm. Then I am calling her back every half hour until she either answers the freaking phone or I blow up her answering machine. I think she is avoiding everyone that got laid off. That number is at 52 by the way. And all of us are blind or visually impaired. They could have told us a few weeks ago this was going down. Instead they wait till after June ends to tell us. Their excuse”We did not know this was going to happen.” Bullshit. They work for the freaking government and I know the state would have given them a heads up. There is no excuse for this shit.


In other things I have been writing my Camp Nano project. Currently am at 13,213 words of 25k. I am thinking of upping my word count to 35k or 50k as everyone in my cabin has higher word count goals than I do. I hope to hit 15k and beyond today. That’s all for right now G.R.s. Take care of yourselves and try and have a good rest of the day and “Here’s looking at you,kid.” FFrom Casablanca. Only line I remember from the whole movie.


Lady Soket

“Banna and chocclate milkshakes are good. Dark chocolater milkshakes rule the universe. I had both last night.”


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