Daily Prompt The Barter System

Daily Prompt The Barter System




Today’s Daily Prompt got me to thinking about societies that rely on bartering as a means of exchanging goods and services. In medieval times they did so frequently and often. Most people counted bartering as a matter of course. They did it from a young age and thus grew “streetwise” to what things cost and how to tell if they were being ripped off or not.



I personally would end up a beggar or a thief. I can barter somewhat but I do not think I would do well at it full time. I might be able to sell my services as a writer or a scribe. As a thief I would be caught and probably jailed for my efforts. As a beggar I would probably be jailed if not outright kicked out of town as a nuisance altogether.


I do think if I was given time to learn the system I would be able to become better at it. At least enough to survive. But as to rather I would ever be an expert at it I don’t think so.


I have done bartering in DND. I tend to not do so well. I manage to get enough money for food and inn stays. I tend to sell magical items or weapons at a severe loss of profit. I tend to be a better DM than a player.


As a DM I usually give out money and whatever weapons they want. Then they have to do some bartering as to how much they pay for lodgings horses or an inn or tavern stay. Every thing is negotiable. Stay on your toes and keep your senses sharp. That is my advice for anyone in a batering situation.


I hope you have enjoyed this somewhat rambling post. Good day and Good luck.


Lady Soket

“Bartering is for the inferior. Haggling is more fun.”


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