2nd Sunday Night 4th edition Game Session DND

2nd Sunday Night 4th edition Game Session DND


Well tonight was my second time at the 4th edition DND game session. Our DM is a great guy. He is fun to roleplay with and lets all of us play out our characters. Laes managed not to get herself killed tonight so that was an improvement on last Sunday’s game. I still have to learn the ins and outs of 4th edition but it should not be too hard.


Jamie was amusing as his tactical minotaur warlord. Cody played Ghost well. James played his blue dragonborn fighter well and Jane did absolutely great as the rogue Snuggles. I as Laes the black dragonborn paladin did alright. She kind of followed Jamie’s minotaur around and did try and lead by example as well. We explored more of the temple and found out there is a top level. There is an encounter planned for the top level. There is also one for the bottom level as well. We killed three undead dragonborn. One was a red dragonborn and the lesser two were bronze. I as Laes did not feel any remorse at killing the undead things as they had ceased to be true dragonborn when they died. So no conflict of interest there for her. We finally killed them and took loot of their bodies. Jamie ended up with two new axes. Jane took the longsword. I took no loot this time around.


We found some blueprints in an arcane room. Jamie’s minotaur took those and studied them closely to learn what he could about the tower we were all in.


Cody really, really wanted Ghost to be bloodied and go to half hit points so he could turn into a wolf and attack the undead. He never got that low on hit points however. Everyone in the party took damage of some kind. At the end of the encounter we all healed up and next session we go to explore the library. I will be using my religion and perception checks as well as insight to see if I can read any of the books or scrolls. I might be able to determine something useful out of them. I hope to get more of a handle on Laes and playing a paladin as time goes on.

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