Kids and Birthdays    Today is my youngest daughter’s birthday.

Kids and Birthdays





Today is my youngest daughter’s birthday. She turns nine years old today. Our youngest and our oldest are with my husband’s family. Our oldest daughter is in Oklahoma due to the government’s interference in our lives.


So when she gets a bit older we plan on telling her and our son who their real parents are. This is met with a lot of resistance from the faimily members. Everything from “oh, their too young to be told” to “No you are not telling them.”


Now I know it makes us both feel horrible that we can’t even attend their birthday parties. But even eyond that aspect we would love to simply be “allowed” to interact with them at all. If you are thinnking of adopting to family members so you can see your kids my advice is don’t. At all. It is far too heartbreaking and it really puts you in a depression so deep that you contemplate hurrying yourself along to the end of your life. At least with our daughter in OK. we can’t see her only wonder about her. I really feel bad for this as well as I wish she was with the rest of the family but we got forced to give her up. Thank you very much Fucking government. But really it’s the little things that I wanted to share. Her learning to read and loving it. Her learning to horseback ride. I know that from the age of five she was just as enamoured of horses as I was but she simply hasn’t got the chance to be trained to ride. I would teach her that if I had the land and a few horses. I can only hope tht she is doing well. Our oldest son I think has realized that he is not related to the people he is living with so it won’t come as such a shock when we tell him.


I hope they can forgive us both. It may turn out that they simply can’t. But I am hoping when we do tell them they will get over the shock and want to be around us.


So Aldamara Kaylee Rogers I hope you truely enjoy your ninth birthday honey. Next year will be interesting. Have a good time and take care.

Lady Soket


“If anyone tells you that there is not a Hell on earth take their kids away. They will change their mind.”


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