Being with Nature Daily Prompt

The Daily Prompttoday was about nature. When you were first out in it were you awestruck? Or not impressed at all? Do you prefer city life or the natural one?



I have always liked the outdoors myself. When I was younger I was always out doing horseback riding,swimming,or camping. That all lasted until I was 23. After that I was more of an occassional camper. I have found that I like the convience of indoor plumbing and access to a full working kitchen since then.


I personally would love to live out in the countryside somewhere have a horse ranch and just live the good life. However money is the issue to all of this happening. So until I hit the lottery or start my own business I am stuck in a city in an apartment. I like the places to go in the city i.e. to shoppping or the movies but I would gladly give that up for the countryside and the horse ranch.


But until that happens I can write and dream about it. You don’t always realize that you have it made as a kid. I truly enjoyed my time as a child learning to ride and teaching others how to. I would enjoy immenesely doing so again. But I have to be practical here. Unless I get several sponsers here it probably won’t happen as I don’t have the money to fund it myself.


I was awe struck by nature as a child. It was so big and there was so much to see and do. It still feels me with a sense of wonder and a childlike excitement. I love the woods and would gladly stay there surrounded by the cool,shady trees. As long as a bathroom and food was nearby it would be a grand time. I like hiking gentle trails which translates to mostly straight these days. I like to listen to the birds and small animals running around. I love to look up at the moon and the stars and to realize that we are really small compared to other things in the universe.


I don’t mind that at all. I fully expect that there will always be bigger things than I am. I acccept that fully. Sometimes being small is not as important as what you do with your small life. Go out there and make a difference. Have fun in nature. Laugh.Play.Take your time and simply enjoy it. It won’t be around forever you know. Enjoy it while it lasts. Man is killing it off at a rapid rate. Soon it will be gone and we will mourn the loss of it. It will take all the last of the real “wildlife” with it when it goes. Try to nurture it. Protect it fiercely. For if it goes how long will we as a species last?


Lady Soket

“Co-exist with nature. Quit destroying it or we will go next.”




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