2013July Camp NanoWrimo Session   I have decided on my

2013July Camp NanoWrimo Session




I have decided on my Camp Nano project forJuly. It’s going to be 25k words and an adventure journal. I have not decided on the character’s name although I know she will be female. She might be of another race as it is a fantasy novel. I simply love doing those.


I thought I would give myself a little break from the 30k limit I set myself in April. I might write over the 25k limit I have set myself or not. Only time will tell. I requested some campers already and this time I hope I get them. Still have to wait and see on that issue. I hope we get some more active campers this go round. We had three that did not even bother to write anything at all. Very disappointing I must say.


Mainly though I have cut down my word count as I want to help Jamie with his game. I plan to work insome little bits for his world building that he is doing. Hopefully some of it will be of help.


Other than that I am working on some writing and hoping to have a string of stories for you all to read as July progresses. Again it’s just a matter of waiting for Monday as far as Camp Nano goes. Who else is ready to romp, stomp your word count flat and have a blast? I know I am. I also will proudly admit to being a “pantser” one who does not plan out a novel as compared to a “planner” one who outlines and then writes. Sometimes this gets me jammed up and sometimes it really is freeing. I just let my fingers go and see what comes out on the screen. It might take me a little longer to write stuff up but I don’t mind that usually unless my msworks eats my novel. It actually did that at the start of April’s session. But crap happens we pick ourselves up and go onward. So get those fingers limbered up and get to writing. And don’t give up. You all can do this. I have great faith in us all. and Go Team Pantser on Twitter. Smiles.


Lady Soket

“If you run away now I just might let you live. Ready.Set.Go.”




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