Daily Prompt:We Can Be Taught   I remember this as

Daily Prompt:We Can Be Taught




I remember this as if it happened yesterday although in truth it happened over thirty years ago now. It was in the summer time. I was ten years old. I weighted quite literally back then 98 pounds soaking wet. I was knobby kneed and thin. I wore mostly t-shirts and either jean shorts or pants. I was always running around in my white Reeboks.


I had a Shetland pony that I got from my uncle George. She was what they called a “clouded” palamino. Now for those of you that want to know I learned to ride when I was five years old. And she was the little mare I got to pick out for myself. Now we had a fenced in arena and I rode in it almost all the time. But on this particular day I wanted to ride in the big pasture. I was given permission to do so. I went through the gate and closed it behind me mounted just like I had when taking the horses to be let out. So I turned Goldie around and she started to amble off. Now normally she was a placid little mare. But that day something got her really upset.


I don’t know if it was being out in the big pasture. But she took off like a shot from an arrow stright towards the pond about three fourths of the way across the pasture. Now at first I didn’t panic. I simply pulled back on the reins firmly and said,”Whoa,girl. Take it easy.” But this time she did not heed me. So off she went with me yelling “whoa” and pulling back firmly on the reins. She did not stop.


It was at this moment I had a clear thought. She isn’t going to stop. Since the reins weren’t working I threw them down and held onto her neck flattening myself against her. She put on more speed and swerved into a pile of loose boards. I was airborne and landed in the pile of boards hard. Luckily I did not land with one with a nail facing upward. My glasses went one way and I went another. I remember hitting the ground hard and getting the wind knocked out of me. I remember I laid there and didn’t move until someone came and helped me up. They found my glasses unshattered thank the Gods and I put them back on. Someone went and got Goldie. Legs shaking I remounted and rode her for another hour still back in the fenced in arena. She simply acted as if nothing had happened at all. For that hour afterwards she was the “perfect” pony. She obeyed commands. She trotted. She cantered. She walked. After that hour I got off her and she was made to wear all her tack for a full week afterward. It was her punishment for throwing me. The lesson I learned was this: Sometimes Life takes the bit in it’s teeth and you just have to go along and wait until it stops to regain your bearings.


Sometimes life can through for a loop. You just have to do what I did that day. Get back on the Horse and ride on.


Lady Soket




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