Gaming Night Session 2   In which I play Criket

Gaming Night Session 2




In which I play Criket the noisy halflingsorcerer. Tonight was a lot more fun than the session two weeks ago. I suppose as I go along 4th edition combat rules and actions will get easier to understand and translate. I am looking forward to making up my blackguard paladin though. I have to flesh out her background a bit more but it should be easily to do once I get all of her stats and powers down. It will be more fun to play an orginal character that I have created than a pre generated character that someone else has created. But I won’t get to play her until the DM approves her. So I have to do some reading and choose powers,feats,skills,encounter powers,at will powers,etc. It will take some doing but will be more fun in the fun. The group seemed to relax a little bit more around us as the newbies to the group and as time goes on and we go more regularly that should be the case. They are still more combat oriented than I like but I ammore of a “storyteller” than a “hack and slash” DM myself. We will see how it all plays out. We are thinking of going to another group as well and even starting up a 2nd edition DND game on Saturdays from five pm. to nine pm. We will have to seee if we get some more players.


And that’s not counting Camp Nano that is starting again in four days. I still have to come up with some good ideas for that as well. I am going to try to be in that this month coming up as well. Still waiting to hear back on some job apps as well. So another full and busy week from today Thursday June 27th onward. Things have passed so quickly today that I forgot to even wish my MoM a happy birthday yesterday. She would have been 62 if she was still alive. Love you Mom. Hope you are doing well wherever you are.


With that said signing off for now gentle Readers.

Lady Soket

“Remember-Give me chocolate and I will let you live to be my pet.”


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