Daily Prompt: Morality Play      I derive my morals from

Daily Prompt: Morality Play







I derive my morals from what I have seen and personally witnessed. When I was yonger it was “Go to Sunday school and learn about God.” So I dutifully went from the age of six until I was fifteen. It was at around age ten that I found out all about “talking in tongues.” Here’s what I know about it. “God is talking to the preacher. He is talking in tongues.” Now at nine years old I had no clue what they were talking about. So I innoocently asked,”God doesn’t know English?”. I was told to be quiet and ran out of hurch terrified. Now that was at agenine remember.


Onward we go until I am twenty two. I go to a friend’s church and the same thing happens sans the running out of church part. I don’t go back to that church. Now in later years around twenty nine or so I went with my husband and his grandmother to their church. I was uncomfortable but I went a few times just to be nice. Then I stopped going. Too many old people there for my comfort.


Now over the years I have dabbbled in Buddishm,zen religions,and witchcraft/wicca/paganism. Of all of these I feel that Witchcraft/paganism fits me the best. Now please don’t bring out the flaming pitchforks and tie me to some sort of stake to be burned. That was done in olden times and I don’t want that to happen to me thank you very much. Yes I am wiccan or pagan. Deal with it. I don’t go around “recruiting” people for my religion. Unlike the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Ugh. But I let them live and we agree to disagree. Enough said on that topic.


My grandparents were good “God fearing” Christians. AS were my stepparents. I choose another path and I have to say that it has worked out well for me. I leave God to himself and Satan as well. It would probably shock some of you to know that I don’t believe in Satan at all. He simply doesn’t come into my sphere of influence. And no I am not going into the “This is what I believe lecture” for the newbies again. It has taken me years to accept that the Christian path is not for me. I simply withold judgement on right and wrong. Let them all do as they will as long as they harm no one. That is the credo I stand by. Blessed Be to you all and if I lose Readers by “coming out of the broom closet” I am prepared for that. Take care of yourselves those that leave and Gods Yes I believe in multiples people on you and yours.


Lady Soket

“Blessed Be to all.Rest well and may the Gods favor your path.”


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