Daily Prompt No, Thank You   “She’s such a cunt.”

Daily Prompt No, Thank You




“She’s such a cunt.” I overheard the two popular girls say as they were washing up. The water was running loudly in the sink. I doubt they even realized I was there. After all I wasn’t one of the popular girls. So in their minds I did not exist.


“Yeah, I know. Katie sleeps around too much. She’s gonna end up preggers.” The other girl laughed crudely. “I hope she’s on the pill.” They both giggled and walked out of the girls restroom.


I sat there stunned. How could they be so cruel to someone they both knew? It hardly seemed fair to me at the time. I did what I had to do and washed up. I felt sorry for Katie. I knew then that I would never want to be friends with the “Popular” crowd again. If all they did was trash their friends behind their backs it was a wonder that they had any friends at all. I spent several hours thinking about Katie that day. I was certain that no one would tell her what was being said behind her back. They would simply let her find out about it through the school rumor mill. By that time it would be all distorted and warped into something even more monsterous. But I knew that Katie being a popular cheerleader wouldn’t deign to acknowledge my presence enough so I could inform her of what the other girls had said about her. So I did not bother to tell her.


Looking back on that episode I wish I had plucked up the courage and told her. I do know she was terribly hurt by that rumor as it even filtered down to the “Nothings” level. But I did not and that is just the way it is.


So “Cunt” is the word that I would have banned from use if I could. It’s mean spirited and nasty and used with horrible results towards women. I have never liked it. And I personally feel being a woman and having it used directly at me various times that it is the one word that I myself try not to use. So that is all for today’s Daily Prompt:No,Thank You.


Lady Soket

“If you can not play nice with others then shut up. You are probably going to say something stupid anyhow.”




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