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Well this week has been interesting. our weekly game in High Point was cancelled for yesterday. Still we went out and about. I went to the doctor for the whole “woman” exam. It did not take long. While I was there I took my A1C which measures your blood sugar for three previous months. I have gone from a 7.9 to 8.3. Now that is not horrible as when I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes my sugar was at 375 and A1C was 11. But as usual the doctor wants it down into the 6-7 range. I have been cutting down on my meds for this lay off. I know I should not do that but I did not know when I would be able to afford more of my metformn. So when I got laid off I went from two pills a day down to one. If I had not I would be out of them long ago. But now I have to go back to two or three a day because I have cut down on them so drastically. I will try to do three a day even though they cause mee bowel problems. If it gets too bad I will go back to taking two a day and damn what the doctor says. She is not the one that has to deal with the bowel problems. But I took three yesterday and they did not bug me much so perhaps I will do ok on them.


On the plus side I have gone from 163lbs to 148 lbs. Yay for me I have lost weight. I am happy about that. Also on Wednesday my freaking unemployment check finally got direct deposited. So yay for that as well. I brought us lunch from KFC. Then we went out to Gaming Underground in High Point and got some new DND dice. Jamie got two sets. A teal set with white numbers and a purple and blue set. I got a black set with copper numbers. I plan on buying more in a few weeks. So we came home and Jamie started running me through a game and poor Valerin nearly died twice. He got pretty beaten up and survived with 2 hit points. I seem to have more trouble keeping this character alive. The few preious times I have played him he has died in the first session. So I guess he was lucky this time. Jamie is learning to DM 4th edition so he can teach me a little. I think 4th edition is too heavy on combat tactics for my liking. I prefer Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition. Of course now with all the new material out it is vastly old fashioned and not as “modern” as 4th edition. So I will give it a go. Anyhow we played from around five thrity to around ten thirty. Yes we play long game sessions. Smiles. When we were done with that I ran him through an alternate reality with a demon as the primary character just messing with him and making him into all kinds of things. Most of them were censored in nature. Use your imaginations. Anyhow we had fun.


So today I have got to call my HR rep again. I willl fill you all in on how that goes in a few hours. I am hoping that she will give me good news. Crosses fingers. I will just have to see. Another update later.


Lady Soket

“I am old and wise.If you want young and stupid look no further than yourself.”


2 thoughts on “Updates and Happenings

    • Yeah we are. That would be fun. I am working on a killer campgain setting to run Jamie through. It should be awesome. Are you going to do Camp Nano in July? I think I am. And I just wrote to Simon today so I am awaiting his response to see if he is going to be there as well. Smiles.

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