Job Hunting Update   Well I spent about five hours

Job Hunting Update




Well I spent about five hours on Monday calling people all over the U.S. I am now going to get some applications through the mail within the next week or so. So that is good news. I have two strong possiblites for new positions. Also planning on going to a different DND game tomorrow night. Also doing my yearly “woman’s” exam tomorrow morning. I will be glad to get that over with. Then I don’t have to do it again until sometime next year. I am fixing to shut off my insurance at work. It’s ten bucks that I could have back so why not?


We will probably have to play “pre-gens” pre-made chatracters tomorrow night. I don’t mind though. At least we get to get out of the house.


Writing has fallen by the wayside except for a rewrite of my “Dark Moon” short story. It is about three fourths of the way done. I just have to do the transformation scene and it’s aftermath. Smiles. That won’t be too hard. So am feeling more optimistic today than I was on either Friday or Saturday. Crossing my fingers that we get those applications in the mail by this weekend. I hope that you all are having a good day and so far a good sstart to your week.


Lady Soket

“Life can be messy. Eat those that displease you.”


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