Job Lay off and Job Hunting   Well I called

Job Lay off and Job Hunting




Well I called my work today and talked to my HR rep. For those of you keeping track I am on week seven of my lay off. I was basically told that she did not know when I would return. Now normally I would have been back to work by early in the start of week seven. However I was told a seven to eight week lay off. But I am very uneasy. Most of the departments at my work place have laid off a lot of people. And next week my insurance is either going up or I have to go to Cobra benefits for it. Now being on this lay off I get roughly one hundred and twenty a week. Normal pay is two hundred and sixty three dollars a week. The last several times I was laid off I got one hundred and seventy seven seven dollars a week. What I am getting now is barely grocery money for the week. Sighs. On the good side my stupid unemployment check did finally arrive today. So will have food money come Monday. I was getting a bit worried there for a while. But as I said that little amount barely keeeps us afloat. Gas money and grocery money.


So now I am actively job hunting. I don’t know where will go but this can not continue for much longer. I might simply have to sell everything I own and my husband’s stuff as well in about three months or thereabouts and simply move away from North Carolina. Which in itself will not be a bad tthing. Just replaceing all of our stuff for like the fifth time since we have been together sucks. But it can all be replaced. The computer desk is trash. As is the couch I am currently sitting on to write this. The bed is hard as a rock so it goes as well when we move. Mostly I guess we will keep the electronics like the dvd player,dvds,cds,stero and computers. Clothes will go with us as will the tv most likely.


I really have this urge to pack up a suitcase and simply have a bank account and stay in hotels. No furniture or belongings. It sounds wonderful. I have lived in a one room of a hotel with all my stuff packed around me. That is not fun. But I will do it again if I have to.


So now onto actively job hunting. I really do not think I will be going back to my job.So I am calling other places and looking at their websites. I hope to the Gods that I can find something. I really do. I hate this job I am currently at. It does not make use of my typing or computer skills at all. All I do is use my hands and turn pocket flaps. It is deadly boring. So I was happy when the lay off happened back in late April. Now I just want a good paying job. I am worth more than I am getting paid. I will actively call a lot of places come Monday. Until then I just have to chill out this weekend. I am trying to be in good cheer aboutall of this. But I will just have to do my best.


Lady Soket


“Spell stressed backwards.I am going to eat some. preferably chocolate.”




2 thoughts on “Job Lay off and Job Hunting   Well I called

  1. So sorry you two are having such a hard time 😦 Jobs are hard to get these days, even more so for disabled. Call me when you two can.

    • Thanks a bunch Hil. We have not decided what we are going to do yet. we have three and a half months left on this crummy lease here. After that who knows? I hope that you and Ben are doing well and he has not got laid off due to mouthing off at other employees again. I hope that you and Luna are doing well and not having too many issues. Hoping to write more soon. Kim

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