The Weekk’s Happenings   Well it has been an eventful

The Weekk’s Happenings




Well it has been an eventful week. We found out that two of our favorite restraunants had closed namely Quizino’s and Arby’s. So we went into a gaming shop and looked around. Thhey mainly sold Warhammer 40k products which were extremely high in price. So we kicked around there for about two hours. Then we came home and called another game shop in High Point N.C. Gaming Underground was what it is called. They had Dnd and Magic:The Gathering games on a regular basis. So that night Wednesday at five pm. we went to High Point to check out the Dnd game. We got in on a 4th edition game. It was a hell of a lot of fun and we are currently working up new characters to take to the next session. I played a pre-generated character of a halfling sorcerer. It was amusing.


So by next Wednesday I plan to have my female blackguard dragonborn character written up. Jamie is writing up a male dragonborn character as well. So next week’s session should be interesting to say the least. Smiles. We are both just ready to get back into DnD gaming. It was how we used to play and Warhammer is too freaking expensive. Not to mention set in space with hundreds of worlds and armies. It’s more of a tactical game instead of a roleplaying game in my opinion. So we are also going to check out the Sunday night game held at the same location. So we might get to game two times a week which would be totally awesome. I am going to have to write up another character for Sundy night’s game if we join that one as well. Here’s hoping we do. I am soooo ready to get out of the house.


As a side note my stupid unemploment funds got sent via check and not direct deposited like I told them to do. Sighs. So waiting on that check to come in so we can go and get some things done. I hate waiting on stuff. Sighs. But there is nothing else I can do.


I am also still job hunting. It is annoying the hell out of me as I don’t currently have all the skills I need to do so proplerly. Frack it. I am now on week 7 of my lay off for those of you keeping track. Sighs. I don’t miss working but I do miss the full paychecks. I will write more later all.


Lady Soket

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One thought on “The Weekk’s Happenings   Well it has been an eventful

  1. Glad to hear you found a gaming group! Bummer on the yummness places closing, though 😦 We should talk soon!

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