Sex Men and Reality   I just read a blog

Sex Men and Reality




I just read a blog post on Dare to take the Plunge about sexy men and how all girls are secretly attracted to them. Now I have to say that my personal tastes run a little counter to this. In my younger years I liked cowboys. In my middle twenties Rutger Hauer and Sean Connery made me really want them. If you have not seen Ladyhawke go out right now and add it to your dvd/blue ray collection at once. A really good, underrated fantasy movie with a lot of good stars. Michelle Pieffer, Mathew Broderick,John Wood,Leo Mckern, and of course Rutger Hauer as the haunted and love lorn Navarre does a fine performance. He is wonderful as the dark knight with a tragic past. Michelle plays his love intrest in the film and she is just perfect. Leo Mckern and Mathew Broderick play the comic relief parts of the movie and they do a well rounded and fun job. John Wood is sheer bliss as the evil bishop. I won’t reveal the ending here. Get the movie and watch it.


And now on to Sean Connery. He is just yummy. I don’t care what movie he does I will watch it. I have all of the Bond films on dvd save for Skyfall. He was a really smooth action star back in the sixties and was fun in First Knight as King Authur. I wasn’t as fond of League of Extrodinary Gentlemen but I saw it. He was fun in Entrapement as well. I like it when he plays afflicted,conflicted roles. I would literally listen to this man read the phone book I like him that much.


Although these two men play bad boy or mysterious roles they are two of the best at what they do. I highly recommend any and all of their movies.


And now onto reality. In real life I am married to a handsome,brown haired,blue eyed,6″ft. man. He is younger than i am. We found each other online. It was quite an experience getting together. He is funny,kind,choactic,sassy,creative, and a bit of a practical joker. He is the more optomistic of the two of us and generally has an upbeat and cheerful personality. As I don’t look at others for their body type or good looks I was amazed that he would want to be with someone like me.I am 5″5ft tall in real life, weigh 163,and am curved in all the right places. Smiles. I have green eyes and usually dark red hair. My natural color is medium brown which I personally hate and color all the time. I have been a blonde,a red head, and most recently totally black. Right now my hair is dark red with black tips. Kind of punk but I like it. It is worn in a short neckline cut at present. I am 41 and my Husband is 34. We met in 1999. You do the math if you want to. And we have been together ever since.


I prefer my men to have a sense of humor over good looks. As my sight has faded over the years until it was totally gone in 2007 I have always valued kindness and humor over good looks and a bad attitude. As I have grown older I have come to the conclusion that beauty fades and Fate pares us all down to our essential forms. I am no beauty paegent winner. But I am happy with who I am with. Personally I find that more appealing than all the “bad boys” ever created. How about you all? How do you like your men or women for that matter? I am simply dying to find out. Give me a shout out and let me know.


Lady Soket

“I am bad. And you want more.”


One thought on “Sex Men and Reality   I just read a blog

  1. I completely agree about essential forms. I can only imagine how those who only bank on their looks are going to feel as soon as those first wrinkles come in.

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