Daily PromptWhat is “Normal?”   “Is she blind? Really? She’s

Daily PromptWhat is “Normal?”




“Is she blind? Really? She’s not faking it?”. Since I was little I have heard these words from various kind and rude people. Since I reside outside of what society considers “normal” as I have several handicaps. I have been visually impaired since birth. Too much oxygen in the incubator and I was a preemie to boot. Back then they thought in 1972 that preemie babies had to have more oxygen. Now we know of course that is not the case. So my eyes got messed up early on.


At the age of four I got my first pair of eyeglasses. They were ugly,clunky,plastic, and a dead matte black with thick cut glass lenses. I had them until I was six and got another pair.


But from the time I was in grade school I was picked on because I was outside of “normal.” I was always the last one picked for any team activities. Everything from “Red Rover” to dodgeball to hide and go seek. I hated P.E. Dodgeball was the worst. All the other kids could see clearly and they took advantage of this fact to hit me in the head repeatedly with that stupid hard reddish pink rubber ball. When I complained to the P.E. teacher all sshe told the class was,” Don’t do that. She can’t see it and it is not fair.” The little assholes in the class would demurely agree. For a few minutes they would behave. Then as soon as the teacher left they would start all over again.


In sheer self defense I would atttempt to hit them back with the ball. Sometimes I pegged them straight on. Other times I didn’t hit a damned thing except the gym wall. I got a reputation for being “difficult”. The P.E. teacher got on me for being mad. Wouldn’t you all be?


Enter high school and back to P.E. class. Boy how I hated it. I refused to do dodgeball. I got written up for it. I did do volleyball. I got off a few lucky shots at my many tormentors. I remember distinctly hitting one girl that had been calling me all kinds of horrid names right smack on the crown of her head. Hard. She was one of the pretty girls. On the cheerleading team and all. I simply grinned and Muttered,”There you go bitch. Payback sucks doesn’t it?”. I got removed from that spot and moved to the front line closest to the net. I didn’t give a damn.


But the real thing that got me was one day waiting on my mom to pick me up. I would say about thirty people surrounded me and started asking me these questions. And before you ask I am not making these questions up.


“Have you ever had sex? Are you a virgin? Do you want to have sex?”. I was surrounded by people who were supposed to be my “peers.”


I stood there in shock for quite a few minutes. I was flabbergasted that they would even say such things to me. And outside the school where anyone could hear them. I simply stood there dumbstruck. Finally I told them it was none of their damned business and to fuck off. Then they grinned moved in closer and started shoving me. Now at this time I was in 11th grade. I had no idea how to defend myself against so many. So I wasshoved and pushed. I was scared and frightened and burst into tears.Most of the time I cried when I was really hurt or mad.


They were all like,”Look she’s crying.” And then they laughed at me. It was all a game to them. They were having fun tormenting the “different” one. Finally my mom pulled up. I got in the car,slammed the door and burst into a fresh load of tears. She drove off got about two blocks and turned around totally pissed off. She returned to the front of the school and got out flaming mad. “Haven’t any of you seen Mask? How can you be so cruel?” she literally screamed at them all. They all scattered now that their fun was over. She got back in the car and took off after my two main tormentors. I actually thought she was going to run them over. She did not however. She did have them expelled for school. For like a month or so as I recall. I went on home schooling for like four months. Then I returned to school. During that time off I learned karate. I was only a white bbelt. But I went to school in my uniform and picked out a football player and nearly grion kicked him in his privates. After that I did it in all of my classes with my teeachers approval. And then I got only verbal taunts which I ignored until graduation. So don’t let not being “normal” get you down. “I am different.Get out of my way.”


That has been my personal motto for years now. If you don’t like me fine. Stay away from me and I will do you the same courtesy. Have a nice,dull life. I plan to have fun with mine.


Lady Soket

“I know karate. Don’t make me use it.”


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