Daily Prompt Do Not Disturb Or Privacy in

Daily Prompt Do Not Disturb Or Privacy in the Online Age




Well I thought about this prompt for a few moments. What the hell was I going to say about it? I guess the answer is this.


Online Privacy is really a myth. I fully believe that the government has all of your information and simply doesn’t let you know about it. I will give you an example I had a few years ago attempting to get my own eye report from an eye doctor’s office.


Now this was when I lived in TN. in 2006 as my sight was getting worse. I had to get MITS Moblity Impaired Transport Service to come and pick me up. I had to go from McKenzie,Tn. to Memphis,Tn. to get these records. A total of six hours to get there and almost as much to return home. Call it an all day adventure. So my friend Rachel went with me to help guide me inside the large building. I had to check in, go to the thrid floor, talk to the nurse and get my records. Normally this would be easy. Not that day. First the person I had to talk to was at lunch. Could I come back tomorrow?


“Hell no,lady. I just traveled six freaking hours to get here to get these records.” I replied throughly put out.


“I am sorry. The person who does the printing out of records is out to lunch.” She eyed me like I was something on the bottom of her shoe.


“I don’t care. Under Foia The Freedom of information Act I get one free copy of any records about myself that I want.” I stood there pissed off.


“Well I can’t do up your records. I just man the desk.” She replied.


“Fine. Get me my records and I will run the off myself. I can run a freaking copy machine. It’s not rocket science.” I replied.


“Oh. I can’t let you do that. Patiants aren’t allowed behind the counter.” She said huffily.


“I don’t car. My friend Rachel can do it. She sees far better than I do.” I replied grimly.


“You will just have to wait until the person comes back from lunch.” She said again.


“Fine.” I growl and seat myself. I am determined to wait this bitch out. She thinks I will tire of waiting and go home. Boy is she wrong. So I wait. For two and a half hours. Finally the woman who was at lunch comes back and informs me that she doesn’t “have Time” to deal with my file. I inform her that I am not leaving until I get a copy of my file. I can’t come back tomorrow as I have no ride to return there.So,finally, she goes and prints off my file. I get it and start the long drive home. By this time I am tired but happy. FOIA worked in my favor.


As to online privacy there is none. Don’t fool yourselves. If NSA or any other agency wants to know something about you they can use your SSI number and name to look up anything they want about you. And without your consent as well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you want something private keep it offline. That’s my advice. Ignore it at your peril.


Lady Soket


“Yes they are out to get you.Deal wwith it.”



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Do Not Disturb Or Privacy in

  1. Yes this too actually happened to me. My friend was shocked and alarmed at how I handled it. She wanted to go home. Smiles. I wasn’t taking”No” for an answer.

  2. I remember you telling me this story over the phone months ago 🙂 A very good example of, no matter how hard we fight or try to hold onto our privacy, the government can just look everything they want about you up at the click of a mouse. It’s so sad.

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