Daily Prompt:Never   I was thinking about this for a

Daily Prompt:Never




I was thinking about this for a bit and I have come to the conclusion that you all will never see me write about racism on my blog. I don’t find it relevant to my beliefs. Therefore you will not see me write about it. Ever.


I believe we are human and as far as I know no matter what the color of our skin is we still all bleed red. I have a “Live and let Live” approach to life. Plus it helps that I can not see who I am talking to. Being sight impaired all of my life has taught me not to judge others by their skin color alone. I rarely let that bother me anymore.


And now that I have only light and dark perception it bothers me even less. Now I judge people by their actions not their skin color. And I think we should all go through our lives like that. If someone does me wrong I will let them know about it. Skin color is not an issue with me at all in this stage of my life. In fact I challenge all of my Readers to take six hours and wear a dark blindfold around your house for part of this coming weekend. Do some simple chores like laundry and dishes. Fill a water glass from the sink without your sight. See how well you can do those simple things at home. Please write me here with your comments about it as soon as you do so. I’ll be waiting to hear from you all. Much hugs and love.


Lady Soket

“If I can do it anyone can.”


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