Fun Movies to Watch  Yesterday I watched Event Horizon

Fun Movies to Watch



Yesterday I watched Event Horizon and Deep Blue Sea on Dvd. Event Horizon has been a favorite of mine since it’s release. Deep Blue Sea is just fun because the sharks go crazy and go after the humans. I enjoy both films on an inner level as well.


Event Horizon shows us all of the “dark side” of our human natures and how we need to fight against them. The actors were fun to watch and the evil ship was a treat in and of itself. I loved that concept quite a lot and I hope that others do as well. I have always wanted to see a sequal to Event Horizon. I don’t think we will ever get one but I can still hope that some canny director out there will get off her or hiss ass and make one.


Deep Blue Sea is a fun, action packed movie for me. I generally watch it for L.L. Cool J’s performance. He really is the fun character to watch. Micheal Rappaport is great as Dr. Scoggins as well. The rest of the cast is amusing to watch as well. If you want some pure escapism pick one or both of these DvDs up. I think you’ll have a hell of a good time. I know I enjoyed them both enough to buy them both.


Lady Soket

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