Daily Prompt Silver Linings Handicaps and Hope I was

Daily Prompt Silver Linings Handicaps and Hope



I was 18 in the summer of 1988. My O and M instructor was teaching me how to cross a six lane street complete with two medians in the middle of them all. I could tell she was nervous so I assured her I would do fine. She nodded and let me pick my time to cross. She would only stop me if I was in immient danger of being hit. So she stood back a few paces and waited on me to make the crossing to the first median.


Carefully I susssed out the traffic patterns determining when to start across. I chose to go with the side traffic beside me. On that day however there was only a few sporadic cars. So I had to take a gamble and hope that one was coming.


So I started across and made it to the first median. Then I paused readjusted my cane and started off again. As I did so I heard a loud gasp from behind me. I looked to my right and saw a car barreling towards me. Instinctively I flung my cane to the right. The green car continued forward. My cane hit the fenderwell of the car. The driver squealed the car to a halt and got out. “How dare you hit my car?” he yelled at me getting red in the face. “I ought to sue you. Damned useless blind person. Can’t see you ought not to be out in the street.” He glared at me.


“I suggest you get back in your car Sir. If you had hit me I would have sued you. And I would have won as well. I have a witness.” I point out my white faced O and M instructor.


He glares at me and acts as if he is going to hit me. “I took karate. Don’t make me hurt you.” I smile up at the large man. “Get back in the car and drive away. This doen’t have to become ugly unless you want it to.” I smile again.


He can say nothing he is so mad. So he returns to his car,slams the door,and drives off fast.


I smile and shake my head and continue my crossing. I get to the curb and tand there. I finally fell both confident and hopeful. If I can make someone like that back down I can master this six lane street crossing. And now everytime I think I can’t do something I think back to that hot, sunny day and know that whatever comes I can do it. It might take me a little longer than some but I can do it. And so I look forward with hope to the future and whatever it brings. I am no longer that timid, frightened girl I was back then. So move forward with boldness and love.

Lady Soket

“Hope lives within us all.Embrace it with love and joy.”


P.S. This is a true story and did actually happen to me. Thank you for reading it.


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