audio RPs,Fantasy,and Fun Hello there Gentle Readers. I have

audio RPs,Fantasy,and Fun


Hello there Gentle Readers. I have not been posting for a few days as I have been RPing with the husband. Hours and hours of it trying to get down some fun things for you to listen to and enjoy. I got down a few “Quickie” RPs and some longer ones as well.


I will be getting a new digital recorder in a few days and we Jamie and I that is have decided that is the way to go. We will be getting more memory cards and labeling them with the dates and all relevant information e.g. year,what kinds of rps on the memory cards etc.


Also I have not forgotten that I said I would write up a transformation story. I am in the process of doing so and already have over 2500 words so far and it is still going. I am sorry for the delay where that is concerned. I will be at the “tf” scene soon enough. Smiles.


Also working on a “home brew” campaign as well. So lots of things in the works Readers. Please stay tuned. Lady Soket

“Of course it works. I did it.”


Please feel free to follow my blog or come back and visit me anytime. I love hearing from myReaders.Leave a Reply

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