It’s Cheetos Time! That’s right dear Readers it’s Cheetos

It’s Cheetos Time!


That’s right dear Readers it’s Cheetos time. Why you might ask? Because I am literally starving. I have been looking around on for the last several hours to find a new dark theme that I like only to find that they don’t have enough description to tell me what I want to know. Simple things like what color is the dark background? what color is the text on the default pages? Can I enlarge the font size? That kind of thing. So,yes, it’s time for Cheetos before I lose my mind and throw my laptop across the room.


I really wish that these devlopers would give a shit about the “Blind” community. Not all of us can see the damned screen guys and girls. Come on and give us a little help for Goddess’s sake. Grumbles.


I am sure I am just having a fit here and this won’t be attended to anytime soon. Sighs. But I wish it would be. All of these creative people out there and none of them have a clue how hard it is to navigate a website with loads of links and a screen reader. And none of them bother to try and see if they could navigate with any of the screen readers out there. That’s not to mention the whole text to speech thing. For us totally blind users,myself, and others it is a total pain in the ass to navigate so many links to find the content we are looking for. So devlopers and web designers get off your backsides and put up some useful content for the sight impaired or the totally blind users of will you?


Lady Soket

“Cheetos and chocolate rule.”



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